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Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No.60, RT.11/RW.12, Cawang, Jatinegara, Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta, 13330
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Apartemen MT Haryono Residence

Address: Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No.60, RT.11/RW.12, Cawang, Jatinegara, Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta, 13330

Building Information: MT Haryono Residence stands as an elegant and modern residential complex, strategically located in the heart of Jakarta T..

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Type Daily Monthly Yearly Unit
1BR (2 units) IDR 292,999 / night IDR 3,767,250 / month IDR 33,622,500 / year
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Common Questions About
MT Haryono Residence Apartment
Harga termurah sewa harian di MT Haryono Residence Apartment ialah IDR 400,399
Harga termurah sewa harian untuk tipe 1 Kamar di MT Haryono Residence Apartment ialah IDR 400,399
Harga termurah sewa bulanan di MT Haryono Residence Apartment ialah IDR 4,067,000
Harga termurah sewa bulanan untuk tipe 1 Kamar di MT Haryono Residence Apartment ialah IDR 4,067,000
Fasilitas yang ada di
MT Haryono Residence Apartment
24-Hour Security
CCTV In Public Area

Soekarno-Hatta International Airport can be accessed by 35 minutes driving (36.2 km); just 8 minutes drive to Halim Perdanakusuma Airport (3.6 km); 6 minutes drive to Cawang Railway Station (2.2 km); 5 minutes drive to Cawang Toll Gate (1.5 km);8 minutes drive to Pusat Otak Nasional Hospital (3 km); 15 minutes drive to Sudirman Central Bussines District (SCBD) (8.4 km); SMESCO Indonesia Building is 8 minutes driving distance (4.1 km).


There's City Plaza Jatinegara can reach by 9 minutes driving (4 km). In City Plaza Jatinegara has several restaurants, is Shigeru, Raa Cha, Holdak Crispy Chicken, Richeese Factory, Bakmitopia, Imperial Kitchen & Dimsum, Mie Hotplate Mr. AL, Gokana, Baso Malang 58, Dapoer Nu'Nini, Gudeg dan Rawon Karunia. Besides the restaurant, in here has a coffee shop too, there's Starbucks Coffee, Kopi Kenangan, Donuts & Coffee, and Kedai Kopi Kulo.


Kota Kasablanka is 15 minutes driving (7.1 km). If you came to this mall, you must go to Santhai Restaurant. Santhai Restaurant is a Thailand Restaurant with summer vibes for their restaurant. For dessert option, you must try their Kakigori. Kakigori is flavored shaved ice with a snow-like texture, topped with foamy cream, sauce, and filling. There have many options for their Kakigori, such as Mango Sticky Rice Kakigori, Tropical King Kakigori, Strawberry Rice Kakigori, etc. Besides dessert, they offer many main course and appetizer, such as Thai Beef Salad, Thai Satay, etc.


Grand Indonesia & Plaza Indonesia is 17 minutes driving (10.9 km). At 5th Floor Grand Indonesia Mall, there's a Gopek Restaurant, they served Indonesian Cuisine such as Mie Ayam, Siomay, Bakwan, Sate, Bakso, Nasi Campur, etc. All the dishes at this restaurant No Pork and No Lard. they have Indonesian Beverages too, such as Dawet Ayu, Es Kacang, etc. Apart from the Grand Indonesia Mall, at 2nd floor Plaza Indonesia, there's a Gram Pancake Cafe. Gram Pancake Cafe is famous for its premium pancake. They have many options for us to choose such as Tiramisu Pancake, Mixed Fruit Pancake, Premium Pancake, etc.


Pacific Place is 15 minutes driving (8.4 km). In Pacific Place, there's a restaurant with a contemporary Mexican concept, and they served Mexican street food, and Mexican signature drinks, is Super Loco Restaurant. For food, they have Totopo Y Salsas, Elotes, Huitlacoche Tostaditas, Cangrejo, Pollo Quesadillas, Queso Quesadillas, Baja Tacos, and many more. For drinks, they have Mexican signatures such as Margaritas, Tequilas, and Mezcals. In Super Loco they have nonalcohol drink such as Tea, Coffee. Mocktails, etc.


Lotte Shopping Avenue is 15 minutes driving (8.4 km). this mall is known to have Korean vibes. You can find a Korean Restaurant, such as School Food Blooming Mari. This Restaurant opened in Indonesia in 2013 and the center of this restaurant is in Gangnam, South Korea. School Food Restaurant has a difference with other restaurants. they offer Korea school food. The favorite menu in this restaurant is Original Tteokbokki, is a rice cake with Korean spicy sauce and also with fish meat as a companion.

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