Privacy Policy
PRIVACY POLICY is a website that offers services on the travel sales (including but not limited to accommodation booking domestic or international) which is owned and operated by PT Horizon Internusa Persada (“Travelio”/”we”).
Travelio may collect and manage personal information of customers or business partners of Travelio which carries out its travel activities by (“Customer”/”you”). Please note that Travelio does not collect your personal information automatically whenever you enter our site, unless you voluntarily provide it to us. At Travelio we recognize that privacy of customers is important, therefore we highly appreciate and respect the trust given to Travelio. The Privacy Policy explains the application of the website addressed in (the “Site”) as well as the collection, disclosure, and process of the information given by the customer (“Personal Information”) when browsing the Site. Travelio is committed to protect and safeguard your Personal Information.
This Privacy Policy is subject to the applicable law in Indonesia. If there are any changes on the law or publication of a new law related to this Privacy Policy, Travelio may revise, including but not limited to the practices in the collection or use of Personal Information of the User, or the changes on the features of the Site. We suggest the Customer to regularly review this Privacy Policy to get the latest information of the latest policies and practices of our Site.
Travelio offers the services on the online travel sales, whether from the Site or cellular application and other online media, such as the website of Travelio’s partner, and other social media. The Privacy Policy shown in this page applies to all platforms.
By using this Site and every service of Travelio, the Customer is deemed to agree with the Privacy Policy of Travelio and subject to the Terms and Conditions of Services of Travelio.
Once the Customer makes a reservation on Travelio’s Site, the Customer will be requested to open an account or provide the personal information of the Customer by email, letter, fax, or telephone. The Customer will be required to insert the name, address, email address, date of birth, personal identification number, telephone number, and payment information. This is intended to facilitate the Customer to monitor the order status of Customer. Travelio also may collect and manage the complete information of the customer’s visits to Travelio, including but not limited to, traffic data, location data, and other link or communication data.
Travelio may collect information of the Customer’s computer, used to access Travelio’s Site such as the IP (Internet Protocol) address, the type of browser, operation system on the Customer’s computer, version of application, and language configuration. If the Customer uses a mobile devices, Travelio may identify the mobile device of the Customer and specific configurations of such devices, including the details of latitude and longitude. This is not intended to identify any individual but to obtain the statistical data information of the actions and browsing patterns of the Customer when accessing the Site of Travelio.
Cookies is a software that enables Customer to be recognized by the Travelio system as the same user based on the computer or mobile device information which used by the Customers to access the Site of Travelio, including not limited to, IP address information, server information, user preferences, as well as email address and password used to access the Site. Cookies Files which contains such information are stored in the hard drive of Customer’s computer.

Storage period of Cookies is up to five years from the Customer’s last visit to Travelio’s Site. You may erase all Cookies from your browser anytime.
Travelio may forward Customer’s Personal Information and the details of Customer’s reservation to the accommodation which has been booked through the Site of Travelio. Travelio may share the Customer’s data with the customer service staff which allows Travelio to serve the Customer and answer Customer’s questions related to the reservation on products and services provided by Travelio. Travelio may use Customer’s contact information (such as name, age and since when Customer joined Travelio) for marketing activities and invite Customers to write reviews on the accommodation reserved by the Customer through the Site of Travelio.
Travelio uses social media to promote, improve and facilitate the services of Travelio. The Site has been integrated with social media which allows the Customer to access the services of the Site through Customer’s social media account. When the Customer signs up with the Customer’s social media account, information on the access of the Customer to the Site may be shown on the profile or home page of Customer’s social media account to share with others in the Customer networking.
Under certain circumstances, Travelio may share Personal Information of the Customer to third parties. Travelio may use service providers such as processor data to process the Personal Information of the Customer on behalf of Travelio. This processing shall be used to facilitate the payment of reservation, or other supporting services. The Processor is intended to maintain the confidentiality of Customer Personal Information and will not be used for any other purpose other than the usage of Site of Travelio.

If required, Travelio may disclose Customer Personal Information in the event of any claim, summons to be a witness, judicial process, a legitimate request from a law enforcement officer/other government authorities, or to the extent necessary to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

User of Travelio will be signed up as a member before placing a reservation to facilitate the use of the Site and see the status of Customer’s reservation.

When the Customer signs up and provides his/her Personal Information, the Customer ensures that the registered user is at least 18 years old, and all the personal information provided by he/she is the latest, original, accurate, and complete. Travelio is not responsible for any losses suffered by the Customer caused by the Customer’s fault in providing his/her personal information.

If there are any changes on the personal information of the Customer, the Customer can make changes by contacting us by email at or make changes by the Site of Travelio on the menu of Member Login.
Travelio is a company established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia and has obtained the approval from Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia. In the event of transition on the ownership of Travelio, then all of the Customer’s Personal Data will become part of the transition. If the Customer has any suggestions or comments on this Privacy Policy, the Customers may send comments and suggestions to
Customers can ask Travelio to delete their personal data based on a court order by following the provisions of Law Number. 11 of 2008 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions as amended by Law Number. 19 of 2016 concerning Amendments to Law Number. 11 of 2008 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions and its derivative regulations.