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PRIVACY POLICY is a service platform that offers service related to property services (management, rental and trading) in Indonesia. As a service site owned and operated by PT. Horizon Internusa Persada (“Travelio”), Travelio has a business license in accordance with applicable laws and regulation and subject to the laws of Republic of Indonesia.
Travelio may collect and manage personal information of customers or business partners of Travelio which carries out its property rental and trading activities through or the Travelio application (“Customer”). Privacy of Customer is important, therefore we highly appreciate and respect the trust given to Travelio. This Privacy Policy describes the use of the service site located at or the Travelio application (the “Platform”) as well as the collection, disclosure and processing of personal data information given by the Customer when accessing the Platform. Travelio is committed to protecting and safeguarding Customer’s personal data.
This Privacy Policy is subject to the applicable law in Indonesia. If there are any changes on the law or publication of a new law related to this Privacy Policy, Travelio may revise, including but not limited to the practices in the collection or use of personal information of the Customer, or the changes on the features of the Platform.
Travelio offers services related to the rental and trading of property units by online, both through the Platform and mobile applications and other online media such as websites that are partners of Travelio and other social media. The Privacy Policy listed on this page applies to all Platforms.
By using this Platform and all services from Travelio, Customer agrees with Travelio Privacy Policy.

    1. Once the Customer makes a reservation on Travelio’s Platform, the Customer will be requested to open an account or provide the personal information of the Customer by email, letter, or telephone. Customer will be requested to enter personal data as follows:
      1. Name;
      2. Address;
      3. Email;
      4. Birthdate;
      5. ID Number;
      6. ID Card Photo;
      7. Phone Number;
      8. Tax ID Number; and
      9. Bank Account.

    2. Travelio also automatically collect certain information related to personal data regarding the computer that Customer uses to access Travelio Platform, in the form of:
      1. IP Address;
      2. Browser type;
      3. Login Information on Plaftorm;
      4. Mobile Device;
      5. Computer OS;
      6. Application version;
      7. Language Settings.
      hereinafter referred as (“Personal Data”).

  1. Cookies is a software that enables Customer to be recognized by the Travelio system as the same user based on the computer or mobile device information which used by the Customers to access the Site of Travelio, including not limited to, IP address information, server information, user preferences, as well as email address and password used to access the Site. Cookies Files which contains such information are stored in the hard drive of Customer’s computer. If Customer chooses to reject Travelio's cookies, then Customer may not be able to use some parts of Travelio's services

  2. Travelio use and processing of Customer’s Personal Data in order to:
    1. Registration or filling in digital form that provided by Travelio in order using Travelio service through Travelio Platform;
    2. Making rental agreements, sale & purchase agreements and agreeing the terms and conditions on the Travelio Platform;
    3. Fill in the data on the Travelio Platform service for the confirmation process including but not limited to the payment process which includes bank account data, credit cards, virtual accounts, internet banking, and other payment services.
    4. Forwarding the Customer booking details to the accommodations that have been booked through the Platform. Travelio may share Customer data with Customer service staff which enables Travelio to serve Customer and answer Customer questions regarding ordering the services Travelio provides.
    5. Providing the notification and feedback through email, forms, letter, phone call, and other discussion application related to Travelio services.;
    6. Providing information related to the use of the Platform, such as information on the use of services and information in the form of promotions..
    7. Inviting Customers to write reviews of accommodations that Customers order through the Platform.
    8. Obtaining statistical data information regarding the Customer work and browsing patterns when accessing the Platform.

  3. Travelio uses social media to promote, improve and facilitate Travelio's services. Travelio has integrated social media into the Travelio Platform which allows Customers to enter Travelio Platform services through Customers social media accounts. When the Customer registers with the Customers social media account, information regarding Customer access to the Travelio Platform may be presented on the Customers social media profile or page to share with other people in the Customers network.

  4. Under certain circumstances, Travelio may share Customers Personal Data with third party with following conditions:
    1. If required by law or compliance with the law (legal compliance) based on the laws and regulations that applicable in Republic of Indonesia;
    2. If needed by Travelio's partners in order to carry out their work such as fulfilling rental orders, sale & purchase process, processing payment transactions, sending letters/email/SMS/other communication media, data analysis, assistance services, fulfilling search results, improving security and privacy systems, as well as improving and developing Travelio platform.
    3. Travelio can transfer Personal Data in whole or in large part to third parties for company needs including but not limited to mergers, consolidations, acquisitions or reorganizations that cause a transfer of control or ownership of the Travelio. The transfer will be notified by Travelio to the Customer.
    4. Collaboration with business partners or other third parties by providing access to Personal Data for parties who work and provide services for maintenance, development of the Travelio Platform and/or other relevant services.
    5. In order to give feedback or review to the use of services that are available on the Travelio Platform. Customers agree that the data can be shown on Travelio services, relevant service providers with Travelio or other third parties who are partners with Travelio.
    6. Travelio may disclose to other third parties who act as service providers such as data processors, to help Travelio provide services to Customers. These service providers include consumer service providers, payment transaction service providers and other supporting services.
    7. Travelio can give the Personal Data information to other third parties to support Travelio's needs in order to improve and develop Travelio's marketing interests and business development.
    8. Travelio can provide Personal Data information to its subsidiaries and collaborating vendors to meet company needs such as but not limited to operational and marketing needs including the business development needs of Travelio, its subsidiaries and affiliates.

  5. Confidentiality of Customer Personal Data is the most important thing for Travelio. Travelio is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for Travelio Customers. Travelio will do its best to protect and secure Customers data and Personal Information from access, collection, use or disclosure by unauthorized persons and from processing that violates the law, accidental loss, destruction and damage or similar risks.

  6. Travelio Customer will be registered as a member before placing an order to facilitate use and view the status of a Customers order.
    When registering and providing Customer Personal Data information, the Customer guarantees that the registered user is at least 18 years old, and all personal data provided is original, current, accurate and complete. Travelio is not responsible for any losses that the Customer suffers caused by the Customers mistake in providing Customers Personal Data information. Customers who are not yet 18 years old must be represented by a parent or legal guardian. If Travelio finds that a Customer is under the age of at least 18 years providing Personal Data information, Travelio will immediately delete it.

  7. Travelio keeps Customers Personal Data for the period needed for the purpose of processing Personal Data. In addition, the storage of Customer Personal Data is carried out in accordance with applicable legal provisions and laws and regulations.

    1. Customers have rights to access the Customer Personal Data that is stored in Travelio services.

    2. Customers have rights to change Customer Personal Data that is stored in the Travelio service. Change, addition and updating Customer Personal Data can be made by notification by Travelio.

    3. Personal Data user can make a request to Travelio for the Deletion of Personal Data stored in the Travelio service. However, the remaining copies of the Customers Personal Data remain in the backup system for a limited period of time after the deletion of the Personal Data.

    4. The Customer has the right to withdraw the consent to process Personal Data about himself that has been given to Travelio.

    5. Customers have the right to object to decision-making actions that are only based on automatic processing, including profiling, which have legal consequences or have a significant impact on Customers.

    6. Customers have the right to delay or limit the processing of Personal Data proportionally according to the purpose of processing Personal Data.

  8. In the event that this Privacy Policy is displayed in a variety of language options and there is a discrepancy between one language and another, the Indonesian text will prevail.

    1. Any notification from the Customer addressed to Travelio related with the specific needs of Personal Data regarding this Privacy Policy can be sent via the electronic mail address (e-mail address) at
      Any notification from the Customer addressed to Travelio regarding this Privacy Policy other than as mentioned in the paragraph above, can be sent via the electronic mail address (e-mail address) at

    2. Every notification from Travelio addressed to Customer will be announced through the Platform and sent via electronic mail (email), short message service (SMS), or push notification via the Travelio application installed on the Customer device registered with Travelio.