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Choosing a Place to Live in a Large City

The tightness of our schedules require us to move quickly to keep being productive. For that, what we need is a strategic place to live, especially for those of you who are living in large cities. Not only it is needed for us to live where all the public facilities are, the proximity of our workplace and campus, and not to mention the costs, matter as well.
Large cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, and Yogyakarta offer a wide variety of housing choices for you to try. For you who are working or studying, you can buy or rent the many properties that are offered. Ranging from rooms, houses, to apartments, everything is provided with various amenities and strategic location choices.
But again, of course your choice has to fit within your budget. If you have enough budget to buy the property, there is certainly no harm in doing that. Particularly now that the investment value for properties located in cities are slowly but surely going up each year.
However, for you with a quite tight budget, it is very recommended to rent, whether it’s a room, a house, or an apartment unit, depending on your needs and the amenities that you wish for. Renting a property in a large city has many advantages of its own, especially for you who are living on a tight budget. By renting, you can enjoy various luxurious facilities at an affordable price. You also don’t need to worry if in any given time you have to move or work at another place, because you can freely end your tenancy that is renewed monthly or even daily.

Choosing Apartments as a Place of Residence in Large Cities

Land availability in strategic locations, especially in large cities like Jakarta, Bandung, or Yogyakarta, is very scarce. Even if it’s available, the prices can soar really high above the reasonable limit. In light of that, renting a temporary place to live in can be one of the most appropriate decisions that you can choose, and apartments can be the solution to your housing needs.
Apartments have many supporting facilities that can make you feel as if you live in a house. There are bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms just like in your own home. Moreover, apartments are usually strategically located near central business districts, campuses, and various public facilities like shopping centers, laundry services, cafés, and restaurants.
For you who have chosen to live in strategic locations with complete facilities just like houses, you can rent apartment units that are widely offered in many large cities in Indonesia with monthly, or even daily leases available! The costs also vary. For monthly rents, in areas like South Jakarta, prices start from IDR 2 million a month for a studio type apartment. Other than that, you can also choose to rent an apartment on a monthly lease with two to four bedrooms. Not only offering apartment rentals on monthly leases, for those of you with high mobility that requires you to travel between cities, you can also rent apartments daily. With complete facilities, you only have to pay IDR 300 thousand for each night.

Rent Apartments Daily and Monthly

For you who are looking for daily or monthly apartment rentals at an affordable price, can be your choice. is the first online-based company which provides short-term accommodation rentals in Indonesia. provides various professionally managed properties, ranging from apartments, villas, houses, to hostels.
With, you can rent apartments daily and monthly with the lowest price that you can find. Besides the already low offer, you also have a chance to bargain the price with the owner of the property. If you have an A+ skill in bargaining, it’s highly possible for you to get an even lower price, far below the average! So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy these many great deals of daily and monthly apartment rentals at an affordable price only on!