Rent Grand Sharon Residence Complex

Grand Sharon Residence

Jl. Sharon Boulevard Raya, Cipamokolan, Kec. Rancasari, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40292

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Property Specification
: Rancasari
: Bandung
Monthly Yearly
IDR 3,333,334 / month IDR 40,000,000 / year
IDR 9,166,667 / month IDR 110,000,000 / year

WG Property has been committed to building the community of Bandung and its surroundings since 1976. One of the projects produced by WG Property is to develop the property sector through Grand Sharon Residence in 2009. Presenting a quality housing sector, Grand Sharon Residence has grown to more than 20 clusters in 48 hectares of land for the people of Bandung.

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House Facilities
  • 24-Hour Security

Husein Sastranegara Airport can be reached by 46 minutes driving (16.2 km); Gedebage Station can be reached in 10 minutes driving (4.4 km); Telkom University can be reached by 29 minutes driving (8.6 km); SMAN 21 Bandung can be reached by 7 minutes driving (2.1 km); Rancasari Police Station can be reached in 4 minutes driving (1 km).


Metro Indah Mall can be reached by 27 minutes driving (7.6 km); Margacinta Park can be reached by a 16-minute drive (4.9 km); Nike Ardila Museum can be reached by 9 minutes driving (2.4 km); Kampoeng Tulip can be reached in 14 minutes driving (4.1 km).

Common Questions About Grand Sharon Residence :
Harga termurah sewa bulanan di Grand Sharon Residence ialah IDR 2,916,667
Harga termurah sewa bulanan untuk tipe 2 Kamar di Grand Sharon Residence ialah IDR 2,916,667