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Villa Marina Anyer Suite Room Cottage - Anyer

Full Furnished 4 2
Jl Raya Anyer Km 20 - Property ID: IRVGDCC1
This is an accommodation located in Anyer Beach, Banten, which directly facing the Karakatau Mountain. It is indeed not only a perfect place for sightseeing but also for business purposes. Available facilities here proven to be supportive to business (See More)
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12:00 PM
Extra Bed Price
Tambah Rp200.000 per bed
Area pantai dipenuhi dengan karang, tidak disarankan untuk berenang
unit facilities
Air Conditioner (AC)
Balcony / Terrace
Cable TV
Complimentary Bottled Water
Desk & Chair
Dining Room
Garden View
Gas Stove
Living Room
Private Kitchen
Shared Bathroom
Wardrobe/ Multi Purpose Hanger
Water Heater
Outdoor Pool
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    rental information Villa Marina Anyer Suite Room Cottage

    Location of Villa Marina Anyer

    This is a beautiful villa built abide to the sea and brings the fascination of Anyer Beach. You can definitely enjoy the beauty of the sea right from your dwelling. This villa is located at Jalan Raya Anyer, Km.20, Serang, Banten.

    Interesting recreation spots around Villa Marina Anyer

    By staying here you are not only able to see the panorama of the Sunda Channel but also to enjoy fishing and sightseeing at Marina pier or along the sea shores. Or, you can enjoy catching fishes with the local people. If you prefer to do some exercise you may try some water sports or the banana boat which are available here.

    Villa Marina Anyer facilities

    Villa Marina Anyer facilities can be considered outstanding. You can just relax at the garden or you can fresh-up your body by swimming at an outdoor swimming pool. Or, if you prefer to use your precious time playing with your kids you can bring them to the playground. It will be more exciting if you try some outbound activities like sack-racing, rope-pulling, and ciog racing. And, then it is indeed the perfect time for you to enter a restaurant and choose your preferred fresh and tasty sea-food menus. There is a 200 seats meeting-room available for your business purposes.


    • Villa Marina has a private pier for a ship to anchor.
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