Rent Apartemen Denver - Unfurnished Cozy Studio with AC at Denver Apartment By Travelio
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Unfurnished Cozy Studio with AC at Denver Apartment By Travelio - Surabaya

Unfurnished 1 1300 Watt
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Universitas Ciputra Surabaya, RW.1, Made, Sambikerep, Surabaya, Jawa Timur, 60219 - Property ID: 5F01D4E43
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The Denver Apartment offers a comfortable residence with a studio type. Enjoy the water heating facilities available in this residence right now! (See More)
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Apartemen Denver
14.30 - 24.00
Parking charges are the responsibility of guests, cost prediction starting from 5,000/hour.
Unit ini memiliki daya listrik rendah (1300 kWh)
Air conditioners, electric stoves, microwaves, electric kettle, water heater or any device with high electrical power must be used interchangeably.
unit facilities
Studio Room
Air Conditioner
AC Remote
Master Bathroom
Toilet Bowl
Building Facilities
24-Hour Security
CCTV In Public Area
Swimming Pool
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Daily Deposit
IDR 0.00
Monthly Deposit
IDR 4,500,000.00
Yearly Deposit
IDR 2,600,000.00
Deposit Info
For daily bookings, deposit paid through bank transfer or virtual account, the deposit will be refunded about five working days after the bank data is confirmed. A notification will be sent to your email (make sure the contact details listed are valid and active). For monthly and yearly stay, in the event where utility cut off usage for the stay period is not available, your security deposit can only be refunded after Building Management has issued monthly water and electricity bill. The bill are usually issued on the 5th-10th day of the following month after your check out date and will be used to calculate your consumption during your stay at the Travelio unit. Travelio will need approximately 7 working days for detailed calculations after the the final bill is issued. For credit card payment, your bank will need 14 extra working days for your funds to be made available after Travelio has done the above.
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    rental information Unfurnished Cozy Studio with AC at Denver Apartment By Travelio

    If you’re looking for an apartment unit in Sambikerep, Unfurnished Cozy Studio with AC at Denver Apartment By Travelio is the perfect choice for you. Located strategically in Sambikerep, this apartment has easy access to various locations and business centers in the areas, such as Lenmarc Mall Surabaya. Unfurnished Cozy Studio with AC at Denver Apartment By Travelio is accessible by private and public transportations. Moreover, this apartment also has a variety of building facilities which you can use during your stay here. The building facilities are: 24-Hour Security, CCTV In Public Area, Swimming Pool.

    Travelio’s apartment units have a star-hotel quality standard to ensure your comfort during your stay in the unit. This apartment unit is StudioBR and has a width of 28.9 square meters wide. In addition, this unit is also providing in-room facilities like balcony to make your daily chores easier. This Travelio’s apartment unit is available for monthly and yearly rent.

    Location Around Unfurnished Cozy Studio with AC at Denver Apartment By Travelio

    Juanda International Airport can be accessed by driving for 56 minutes driving (34.8 km); 39 minutes drive to Pasar Turi Surabaya Station (17.1 km); 39 minutes drive to Gubeng Surabaya Station (18.5 km); 2 minutes walk to Ciputra University Surabaya (130 m); 32 minutes drive to Waru 1 Toll Gate (19.9 km); Regional General Hospital Bhakti Dharma Husada is 11 minutes driving (4.3 km); 14 minutes to Surabaya State University (6.8 km)

    Recreation Around Unfurnished Cozy Studio with AC at Denver Apartment By Travelio

    Grand City Mall Surabaya can be reached by driving for 40 minutes (18.5 km); 39 minutes drive to Tunjungan Plaza (15.7 km); 16 minutes drive to Pakuwon Trade Center (6.3 km); 30 minutes drive to Surabaya Zoo (13.5 km); 21 minutes drive to Mosaic Park (9.6 km); 3 minutes drive to Ciputra Golf, Club & Resto Surabaya (1.2 km); 15 minutes drive to Lenmarc Mall Surabaya (6.6 km); 14 minutes drive to Golf Graha Famili (7.3 km); 2 minutes walk to Ciputra Waterpark (190 m).

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